Region 4 (North America)
Country CANADA
Station GOOSE
WMO Index 71816
Changes of WMO Index and (or)
station and country names
457 GOOSE 72816
457 GOOSE RAWINSONDE 71816 1969.05.01
457 GOOSE 71816 1974.01.01
Latitude 5319'N (53,32)
Longitude 6025'W (-60,42)
Elevation 46 m
Elements Global Radiation
Diffuse Radiation
Radiation Balance
Sunshine Duration
Units J/cm2
Scale WRR
Time system TST


Parameter Instrumentation
Date since
Global Radiation TT/E/ not available
Global Radiation TT/MG/ 1971.10.01
Global Radiation KZ not available
Diffuse Radiation KZ not available
Radiation Balance BT/./ not available
Radiation Balance BT/SF/ 1968.01.01
Radiation Balance BT/F/ 1969.01.01
Radiation Balance BT/CSIRO/ not available
Sunshine Duration SS/C/ not available

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